LMI Coach Carbon Plastic Boomerang


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COACH CARBON PLASTIC boomerang is a contest boomerang from LMI. Designed by

Patrick Prady, member of the French World Cup Team 2004.

Easy for beginners, perfect for experienced throwers. Wings are properly shaped, making it EZ for you to modify for your special throwing requirements.

Consider this for your entry into FAST CATCH. It’s an excellent FC TRAINER BOOMERANG.

Three holes are slightly indented on each tip. Drill open one or more of the holes to fine-tune for your throwing need. Or add lead weights into the holes to increase your distance to 40 meters.

COACH  is the only plastic boomerang with textured gripping surfaces on each wingtip. A better grip equals more spin when you release the rang.

Durable, dense, carbon-filled polypropylene helps COACH retain spin thru its entire flight. Catching is EZ on the fingers. A light breeze helps this return directly to you.

10.5″ diameter W-31 grams R-25yds(you can add weight to reach 35/40 yds)

right hand AND LEFT hand avail.

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