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Rich B - The Boomerang Man
Rich - The Boomerang Man
The Boomerang Man(aka "b-man, rich") Hi, welcome to my site. I have been giving fast, personal service since 1975. The Boomerang Man began as a mail order business.  As the internet became more available to the buying public, I began developing my online sales service. Nearly each week I hear from an early customer who has kids or grandkids interested in boomerangs.  Usually after finding Dad's old rangs stuffed away in the attic. Most of my customers are in the United States and in Canada.  I also ship internationally.  Many of today's buyers were introduced to the sport by some of my very first customers. Please enjoy my site. Feel free to email questions or share your boomerang throwing experiences. 🙂 b-man, Rich P.S. Now that you’ve visited my site, I’d really like to hear from you. Don’t worry, I won’t sell your address or send you sales pitches. Here is a list of some of my Boomerangs:
  • Eric Darnell Boomerangs
  • Turning Point Boomerangs
  • Mark Legg Boomerangs
  • Adam Carroll Boomerangs
  • Wycheproof Boomerangs
  • Hawes Boomerangs
  • Stones Throw Boomerangs
  • USA Boomerangs
  • Canadian Boomerangs
  • Australian Boomerangs
  • French  Boomerangs
  • John Cryderman Boomerangs
  • Right and Left Hand boomerangs
  • Wood Boomerangs
  • Composite and Hi-Tech Materials Boomerangs
  • Traditional shaped boomerangs
  • Hat and  Omega Boomerangs
  • V Boomerangs
  • Hook boomerangs
  • MTA Boomerangs
  • Fast Catch Boomerangs
  • Collectable Boomerangs
  • Three and Four Wing Boomerangs
  • Night Glo Boomerangs
  • Beginner Boomerangs
  • Sport Boomerangs
  • Contest Boomerangs
Rich, the B-Man