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Occasionally, I receive correspondence from customers sharing their experiences throwing boomerangs or telling me about interesting or rare boomerangs they have seen or collected.

The stories on this page reflect some of the most interesting letters I have received, including photos where available.

If you have your own accounts of boomerangs you would like to share on my page, I would be honored to receive your stories and share them with my visitors. Just submit your story for me to review. If your story is selected for my site, I will email you to let you know.

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TOM R’s Collection

Tom is the founder of Greyford Boomerangs. He was known for his Eagle Art Wood Burning. Over the years,Gothic Arch was one of his boomerangs that I featured.  Tom is also an excellent artist in oils and other media.  

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Bill Glover’s trophy wall.

5 First Places Unites States Boomerang Association Nationals 1 First Place awarded at 2014 World Boomerang Competition 4 Second Places USBA Nationals 1 second place at 2014 WBC 1 second place at 2016 WBC 2 Third Places  USBA Nationals Plus 4 other awards that would not fit on the wall! Bill’s a long-time Boomerang Man […]


Large Natural Wood

Made in Columbia, South American by OSCAR QUARTEZ(deceased). Oscar supplied The Boomerang Man with several exotic shapes made from rare S.A. woods. Most are considered extremely collectable. This hook is modeled after the fantastic hook design of AL GERHARD. On a boomerang auction site, one of this model hook sold for $1200. My hook is […]


Soaring Eagle

Artist TOM RISHER made a line of omega and conventional style boomerangs   each featuring his special hand applied  woodburn art. From time to time, I do have a few of his boomerangs for sale. They are excellent flyers. Each applied art is unique. If you are into collecting quality boomerangs, look for TOM’S GRAYFORD BRAND […]


Competition Trophy Boomerang

Made by ROD JONES of Australia were a very limited number of this special boomerang celebrating  the first International Boomerang Contest in Australia.  1988. The flags of the nations represented are done  beautifully in airbrush art on the front of the boomerang. On the reverse side are the SIGNED names of each team member.. the […]


Boomerang Cases

If you have too many boomerangs, try storing them in an old suit case. I’ve used it on the throwing field and have carried it with me to many contests.


All plastic collection

I don’t remember how I got this photo. 2 Original Boomerang Fevers 2 Swede Super Booms 1 Darnell Pro Fly , early version. No hole in the leading wing. An old boomerang man catalog and related mailing materials. Boy, some folks just love holding-on to stuff:)


Ken Thomas has used his boomerangs

And that’s what they are for, to be used and enjoyed. A Jim Mayfield, 2 Doug Dufrene Napoleon Hat and Tern, a Stick Around Omega, and two that I did not sell him. Remember, Boomerangs are Meant to be THROWN!


There is only one guy in the boomerang world like

GARY BROADBENT. That’s not all the rangs he has.


Ron in Virginia shares his collection

Do you know what that round, gray and white object is? I don’t.  An old CD player? What do you think it is? But I love his collection. A touch of art, too.