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bill schell’s collection

Except for the foot in the lower corner, all those are flying boomerangs. Well, maybe not that green

plastic. The AX was made by Rex(my son), the decorated rangs are typical Aussie Tourist booms but

these really do work, Bill tells me.

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  1. I grew up throwing these with my best friend in Jr. High and High School. We spent many days from morning till night throwing these and many others we bought from the Boomerang Man (we split our collection as we graduated High School). The 4 with aboriginal paintings came from Australia and the others (except green) came from The Boomerangman. I was very excited to find his webpage so I could order more range for myself as well as some smaller foam ones to begin to get my kids excited about them too. Rich Recognized many of my rangs immediately and was a joy for both of us to hear the stories of each one.

    Maybe I need to keep my big feet out of the picture next time.

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