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Bill Glover’s trophy wall.

5 First Places Unites States Boomerang Association Nationals

1 First Place awarded at 2014 World Boomerang Competition

4 Second Places USBA Nationals
1 second place at 2014 WBC
1 second place at 2016 WBC
2 Third Places  USBA Nationals

Plus 4 other awards that would not fit on the wall!

Bill’s a long-time Boomerang Man customer and friend getting his first
boomerang from me at age 15.

He enjoys making his unique art rangs.

Contact <[email protected]> if you are interested in having him
do something special for you. No promises that he’ll do it.

For Bill, it’s a hobby more than a business.

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Large Natural Wood

Made in Columbia, South American by OSCAR QUARTEZ(deceased).

Oscar supplied The Boomerang Man with several exotic shapes made from rare S.A. woods.

Most are considered extremely collectable.

This hook is modeled after the fantastic hook design of AL GERHARD.

On a boomerang auction site, one of this model hook sold for $1200.

My hook is displayed in my shop along with Original Al Gerhard Hooks and Herb Smith Hooks.

You should visit me some day and view the many rare boomerangs in my personal collection.

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Soaring Eagle

Artist TOM RISHER made a line of omega and conventional style boomerangs   each featuring

his special hand applied  woodburn art.

From time to time, I do have a few of his boomerangs for sale.

They are excellent flyers. Each applied art is unique.

If you are into collecting quality boomerangs, look for TOM’S GRAYFORD BRAND rangs.

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Competition Trophy Boomerang

Made by ROD JONES of Australia were a very limited number of this special boomerang

celebrating  the first International Boomerang Contest in Australia.  1988.

The flags of the nations represented are done  beautifully in airbrush art on the front of the boomerang.

On the reverse side are the SIGNED names of each team member..