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This boomerang has circled the Washington Monument.
This German Fiberglass Sport Comeback 22 is the boomerang I used for throwing around the Washington Monument in 1977.

I made 5 attempts around the Washington Monument in 1977. The first throw slammed smack into the monument. The second throw almost cleared the backside corner.


The next three were complete returns.


Other boomerangs in my collection are on display at my shop. I’d love to tell you about each one. ūüôā

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Stories of Other Boomerangs

Queen of Hearts

QUEEN OF HEARTS by Rod Jones, Australia. Rod was an excellent air brush artist and boomerang maker.¬† His boomerangs were almost too beautiful to throw.¬† However, “boomerangs are meant to be used”. Rod made six of these for my sales. ¬†This one was just “Too beautiful to be thrown.” ¬†I added this boomerang to my […]