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This boomerang has circled the Washington Monument.
This German Fiberglass Sport Comeback 22 is the boomerang I used for throwing around the Washington Monument in 1977.

I made 5 attempts around the Washington Monument in 1977. The first throw slammed smack into the monument. The second throw almost cleared the backside corner.


The next three were complete returns.


Other boomerangs in my collection are on display at my shop. I’d love to tell you about each one. ūüôā

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Boomerang Cases

If you have too many boomerangs, try storing them in an old suit case. I’ve used it on the throwing field and have carried it with me to many contests.


Painted Hook

The JANETSKY BROTHERS were two amazing Australian boomerang fans. One made the rangs, the other decorated them. Both brothers were active making and throwing well into their 90s. All of their boomerangs are collectable. This GRAY HOUND was a gift to me from JEFF LEWRY , NSW,Australia. Jeff held a world‚Äôs distance record of 90+ […]


Billy Boomerang

Everyone thinks I‚Äôm a¬†boomerang collector. Not so… I sell boomerangs. Many I have tested. Naturally, some end up in my throwing kit. But, customers come first with me. I seldom hold back rangs for my throwing kit. I was the first to do boomerang auctions. Mainly to see if boomerangs¬†were collectible. Several of my auctions […]


Gerhard Hook

AL GERHARD was an American maker of the 1970s/80s.¬† He specialized in making strip laminated¬†¬†boomerangs from black locust, oak, hickory and other beautiful woods. This hook was inspired by the beautiful Sussex Hook Boomerang of Herb Smith.¬† Al made it as an award for the Annual Smithsonian Associates Boomerang Workshop Lectures – A series of […]


Mt. Fuji

One of the legendary makers of all time was HERB A. SMITH of Sussex, England. This small boomerang is called MT.FUJI.¬† Herb’s version was inspired by the¬† Japanese artist Hiroshige.¬† It is made of paxolin (a thin, durable phenolic material). Herb was the first maker to employ paxolin. Today, many contest boomerangs are carved from […]


Queen of Hearts

QUEEN OF HEARTS by Rod Jones, Australia. Rod was an excellent air brush artist and boomerang maker.¬† His boomerangs were almost too beautiful to throw.¬† However, “boomerangs are meant to be used”. Rod made six of these for my sales. ¬†This one was just “Too beautiful to be thrown.” ¬†I added this boomerang to my […]