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Gerhard Hook

AL GERHARD was an American maker of the 1970s/80s.  He specialized in making strip laminated  boomerangs from black locust, oak, hickory and other beautiful woods.

This hook was inspired by the beautiful Sussex Hook Boomerang of Herb Smith.  Al made it as an award for the Annual Smithsonian Associates Boomerang Workshop Lectures – A series of throwing events concluded lectures.

I won it during the final event of the day in a game called Suicide.  Over 100 throwers lined-up shoulder to shoulder.  You had to catch your own rang.  Miss the catch and you were out.

After several throwing rounds, only two throwers remained, Larry Ruhf and me.

For the rest of the story, come visit my shop.

5 thoughts on “Gerhard Hook

  1. thanks for commenting. I’ve not thrown that rang in many years. I won that. Probably one of
    Al’s first rangs.

  2. Values of used boomerangs varies. The economy, the time of the year, and the rareness of the
    boomerang and its condition.

    An Original Herb Smith, or an Original Al Gerhards, in excellent condition? $100, $200…the bottom value, that’s for sure.
    b-man, rich

  3. Hi,

    I own a very nice Gerhard hook signed “white oak by Al Gerhard May 82” . I’d like to sell it, do you have an idea of its price ? Very interested to know your specialised answer

    From Bordeaux, France


    1. Quiero ver la foto del boomerangs y su precio, medidas y peso

    2. Hello, Is your gerhard hook still for sale? Have you thrown it and what range does it have?

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