Fast Catch

FAST CATCH is an important event in today’s boomerang contests.

Not too long ago, throwers were happy with 33 seconds total time for throwing and catching 5 throws and catches.

When three wing boomerangs were allowed in competition, FC times quickly fell to 20 seconds and less.

The world record time is 14.07 seconds. Set by Manuel Schütz using his own design crafted from 5mm polypropylene plastic.

Watch him and other FC throwers on YouTube.

Manuel also holds the World’s Distance Record of 238 meters with a full return.

FC Boomerangs are extremely specialized.

An FC boomerang that works for one maker/thrower may not give the same results for someone else buying that maker’s FC boomerang.


MAKE a 20-meter circle on the ground.

IN the center of that circle, make a 2-meter circle.

STAND inside the 2m circle, throw each throw beyond the 20m circle.

CATCH each return anywhere inside the 20m circle.

ALL throws must be made from within the 2m circle.

YOUR SCORE is the total time you took to throw and catch 5 throws.

Watch YouTube videos. You’ll see that FC is an exciting boomerang sport.

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Showing all 4 results