James Hoy Carbon Fibre & G-11 Glass Composite Boomerangs

This unique line of contest and extreme distance boomerangs is now available in the USA.  Customers are more than pleased with their HOY BOOMERANGS

James’ G-11 glass composite boomerang are inspired by the amazing and beautifully crafted boomerangs of the late,great Herb Smith. JAMES HOY boomerangs are handcrafted in England.

FEB 2022 A new stock of Hoy rangs will be arriving soon

Some models are ONE ONLY. The materials James uses are expensive. Often, he’ll have just enough CARBON FIBRE left to make a boomerang that he might never make again. This helps him keep costs down.

All of his boomerangs are guaranteed to work and perform as stated and as shown in customer supplied videos.

While most of the various models are not difficult to throw and catch, I recommend them for throwers who understand about throwing angles, wind requirements and have a general knowledge of boomerang flight.

Postage from England to USA for one or two boomerangs is about $30.00. Buying directly through The BoomerangMan saves you that cost. NON-USA BUYERS,if you are buying only Hoy boomerangs,please order directly from James.

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results