James Hoy MTA Carbon Fiber Boomerang


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AUGUST 2023 Just received TWO Carbon MTAs(two wing boomerang):)

12.5″ 320cm 

13 1/8″ 338cm SOLD

Here is some technical info JAMES HOY,the maker, has sent:”1.5mm carbon sheets are from British Aerospace.
The Interlocked weave is super strong with many layers of the best quality carbon on the planet.
The carbon sheets used to make Hoy MTAs are the same carbon sheets used to make wing panels for Boeing jet aircraft.”

PRICES MAY be a bit higher than regular carbon Hoys since extra labor is needed
to set and test each boomerang. The tuning is set by baking and curing.Y!

RIGHT HAND ONLY.    Black carbon, goldtone paint

Hoy reports one thrower getting 60 seconds or more from a Hoy Carbon MTA

YOUR  MAX TIME ALOFT?….for you to discover:)

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