Kendall Davis Wave Phenolic Hook Boomerang 

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The density of this special material  helps the DAVIS WAVE PHENOLIC HOOK boomerang maintain its rotation during flight and track back to

you even in brisk winds. Its size and range makes this a terrific Aussie Round Contender.

 KENDALL DAVIS WAVE PHENOLIC boomerang   requires a firm throw.

Depending on release height and layover it can fly fairly low as it travels back to your waiting hands.

Quality finish and performance are paramount with KENDALL. There is no other American maker to

equal his work for rangs sold by a retailer such as The Boomerangman.

Phenolic boomerangs remain in short supply. Price increases loom.

11″ Span 3 oz Range 50 +yds

right and left hand avail. please specify when ordering.


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1 review for  Kendall Davis Wave Phenolic Hook Boomerang 

  1. David K.

    This little guy is small in stature, but big in its flight. This rang can really get out there! The spin is really unique and has the longest hover time of all my rangs. I would say this rang is good for a beginner to learn on if they are wanting to jump up to the next level of throwing boomerangs. It’s super fun and one I throw the most.

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