Kendall Davis Tribute Hook Wood Boomerang


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 Experienced beginners will enjoy throwing The KENDALL DAVIS TRIBUTE HOOK WOOD BOOMERANG

KENDALL DAVIS TRIBUTE HOOK WOOD BOOMERANG is the larger version of the popular WAVE HOOK. It is not difficult to throw.

My customers say KENDALL DAVIS TRIBUTE HOOK WOOD BOOMERANG equal to other commercial wood hooks they’ve used.

Eye-catching art and excellent finishing are standard with all Kendall’s boomerangs.

I recommend The KENDALL DAVIS TRIBUTE HOOK WOOD BOOMERANG for Intermediate/advanced throwers.

“Rich, I love it. The Tribute Hook that is. It flys just like some of my Cryderman Hooks. It flys and returns as well as the 15″ Oak laminated hook I just got from you. If I toss it 70 to 90 % off the wind, it comes back like it’s on a rail. I’m going to get a couple more of these to put back.” Dave S. in Virginia.

“I bought a wood TRIBUTE from you before & thought I needed a spare. It’s a wonderful hook, easily as good as the Colorado Kilimanjaro if not better.” Paul in Great Britain.

5mm Finnish Aircraft Plywood. L- 14.5″ W- 2.25 oz Range 45/50 yds

right hand and left hand. please specify when ordering.

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