Darnell Contest abs Tri Fly Boomerang


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CONTEST TRI FLY in ABS; P.E.T.: NYLON;Polycarbonate.
THE ABS and P.E.T. are also easily modified
for doubling/juggling and Aussie Round contest events.

Thrown Stock, you’ll find these are really excellent in winds.

And if you enjoy throwing hard, both the TRI FLY ABS and
the TRI FLY P.E.T. work very well.

Transparent red is very visible in low light conditions.

Please specify with version you want, when ordering.
$12.00 each
right hand-left hand is the same
11” diameter
NYLON 1.6 oz.
ABS White 1.7 oz
ABS Red 1.9 oz
Polycarbonate 2.1 oz
P.E.T. 2.5 OZ
Poly 1.5 oz

suggested carving patterns supplied free of charge.

Additional information

Hand Orientation

Left-Hand, Right-Hand




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