Kendall Davis Phenolic Mini Fever F-85 Boomerang Left hand


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PHENOLIC MINI BOOMERANG FEVER is the third phenolic model
from Kendall. Others are being developed and tested.

Many of my customers really like their Phenolic boomerangs…

Phenolic is a stiff,dense material used in many industrial pieces of equipment.
It is durable and weatherproof.

Kendall’s MINI FEVER is a compact size boomerang and does require
a firm,brisk throw. It handles moderate winds well. Kendall
reports its flight as “ a climbing flight out, then diving
down into his hands.”
That sounds like a typical boomerang flight. That’s good news, don’t you agree.

L-11” W 2.0 oz. R 40+meters

PHASING-OUT PHENOLIC BOOMERANGS. Cost of the material has increased this year,
making them unprofitable for us to offer at reasonable prices.
Buyers have been well-pleased with Kendall’s  phenolic boomerangs.

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Hand Orientation

Left-Hand, Right-Hand


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