Kendall Davis Phenolic Hook/Omega Boomerang


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PHENOLIC HOOK/OMEGA BOOMERANG. This is an interesting combo of two popular boomerang shapes Kendall has developed.

The dense/heavy phenolic material will give you amazing out-range and should work well in winds and for beach throwing.

Hold the boomerang via the leading wing and you will find you can really put power into the throw.

You’ll get really excellent out-distance using the hook end of this phenolic boomerang.

You’ll be throwing like it’s an omega, when using the other wing(trailing wing). Because the mass of the boomerang
is behind your hand, you will apply more spin as you release the boomerang.

15″ Span. 9″Tall. 3.0 oz. Range 65+ yds.
right hand
PHASING-OUT PHENOLIC BOOMERANGS. Cost of the material has increased this year, making them unprofitable for us to offer at reasonable prices. Buyers have been well-pleased with Kendall’s and Adam Carroll’s phenolic boomerangs.

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