Darnell Contest Tan abs Tri Fly Boomerang


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DARNELL ABS TAN TRI FLY BOOMERANG (Maker has changed color from white)

TRI FLY is a Unique design by ERIC DARNELL.

It has become a favorite boomerang of contest throwers worldwide. They modify the boomerang for their special contest throwing needs.

The TAN ABS TRI FLY carves easily.You can paint the ] ABS TRI FLY with lacquer spray for eye-catching effects.

It’s easy to modify your TAN ABS  TRI FLY with just a few simple tools and you will SAVE $$$

Your carve your own price:
$10.00 each.

right hand-left hand is the same.

11” diameter ABS  1.7 oz

suggested carving patterns supplied free of charge.

Additional information

Hand Orientation

Left-Hand, Right-Hand




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