Kendall Davis Emu Wood Boomerang

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The EMU is an excellent entry level, wood boomerang. Hand crafted from aircraft-grade plywood.

LASER ENGRAVED EMU FIGURE.  Woodtone stain and durable,clear finish.

Handcrafted in the USA by KENDALL.

Each EMU is signed in INK by Kendall.

The EMU is the  premium quality, wood  boomerang   customers are looking for i  that is accurate and durable.T

he EMU takes a moderate toss. Does not require a breeze.

With practice you should be able make it hover and catch upon its return.

This year seems to be the year for new throwers to the sport of boomerangs. Most
visitors to my site are impressed with the selections and variety of boomerangs shown.

When I began this business in 1975, all the wood boomerangs I offered were made in Australia. It would be several years before new

makers came into the sport and onto my mail order catalog.

The Internet has changed things.The trend in boomerangs has been 3 and 4 wingers constructed of various types of plastics.

Two-wingers such as the EMU remain popular with throwers worldwide.

Kendall was one of my early customers. He started making wood boomerangs that were
equal to and often better than some of the imported boomerangs I was selling.

Kendall’s MASTERS BOOMERANGS are featured throughout The BoomerangMan site.

Get an EMU BOOMERANG today.

I ship all orders same day/next day.

L-14”, W-2.75 oz, R-30 yds. RIGHT HAND ONLY


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