49er Classic Plastic Boomerang-Now Out Of Production


49er Classic Plastic BOOMERANG

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49er Classic Plastic BOOMERANG is out of production.  

Yes, it’s sad that this  60+yrs old boomerang is no longer available.

Many of us experienced the excitement and fun of boomerangs .

It worked well for ages 8 to adult and it did not require a hard throw.

49er Classic Plastic BOOMERANG was designed from the Original Lorin Hawes M-17.(see Stones Throw Boomerangs)

The 49er Classic Plastic BOOMERANG WAS MADE IN THE USA.

There are numerous plastic boomerangs offered online.Some work …and many do not…


On the Internet, there are IMPORTED 49er knock-offs that do not work.

Buyers report receiving, warped  boomerangs  and poorly formed boomerang

Imported copies of 49er do not work.

I recommend  DARNELL PRO FLY and its companion DARNELL TRI FLY.

Made in the USA!

They work great, they are durable, they will give you many hours, days….years of throwing fun.


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