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THE SWIRL is just as ez to use as FLIP-IT and is equally at home outdoors as well as indoors.

This is a terrific flyer from Ricard Marx of Brazil.
His first version was the FLIP-IT which many buyers loved but considered too small.

The pair set is one RED and one BLUE making it ideal for juggling or doubling.

To Juggle, toss one, and before it returns toss the other boomerang. Catch the first and repeat.

To Double, place one against the other. Toss. Catch both as they return. The “trick” is to adjust one so it doesn’t come back as soon as the other.

 SWIRL PAIR can help you develop your juggling/doubling skills. Especially important should you ever
care to throw in a boomerang contest.

11” diameter. .75 oz. 12 to 15 yards range.

RIGHT HAND. Lefties can learn to use it with just a bit of practice.




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