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“DOWN UNDER”, friends are called MATES. And this” AUSSIE MATE”  is truly a friendly boomerang;

ADAM began this as a kid’s boomerang, but quickly discovered adults enjoyed its

easy throwing .  This just might be the perfect boomerang for getting the kids outdoors,

  You  will enjoy EZ throws , accurate returns and the easy-on-the-hands catches. It’s can

excellent warm-up boomerang.  Also, one of the very few two winger that can be enjoyed in

the average home yard(if you have not trees or similar)


BRIGHT RED or BRIGHT ORANGE.  10.5” Span, 1.24 oz.. 20 Meter range. RIGHT HAND ONLY

All Adam Carroll prices will increase.


  1. Maitrey

    Hi i am from india and i bought this rang bcuz i thought it will be nice.but it was really nice and it is suitable for calm winds with virtually no layover as it can take too much of lift. Tide a rubber band in middle and it will boomerang in tems of accuracy and ease of use

  2. Steve

    Yes, finally. This one! This is the perfect beginners boomerang. It does exactly what it says. Returns nicely in calm air with about a 15-20 yard circle and a nice float at the end.
    Throw it with no layover because it has quite a bit of lift which is good as that leads to complete throws rather than running out of steam 2/3 of the way around as the other more expensive wood “beginner” ‘rangs do.
    If you’re a beginner like me, you’ll love this one, as will kids of all ages. You can easily throw it in most back yards, and the bright color makes it easy to find. I believe it will hold up to a lot of abuse also. With a bit of experience under your belt, no doubt you’ll want to tune it. Again, you’re in luck; plastic is easy to bend and soon you’ll be ready to move up to a bigger boomerang. There’s no downside with this one except maybe the price. A little pricy for a kid’s boomerang, but in my opinion, the price is justified. It just performs.

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