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Hooks are crazy fun. The compact hook shape was the go-to shape in the early days of modern contest throwing.

Accurate and ez to catch. Of course, terrific for sport or contest use.

To adjust for long , narrow throwing areas, usie more layover than normal. It will give a more tear-drop flight path.

HAND CRAFTED 5mm Polypropylene is easily flex-adjusted for throwing in calm or brisk wind conditions.

All of Adam’s HAND CRAFTED 5MM polypropylene boomerangs are unbreakable under most throwing conditions. You can use it for throwing at the beach. It floats. Unlike wooden boomerangs,it will not absorb moisture, when thrown in snows.

RED-HOT color helps visibility in the declining light of Fall/Winter.Unpainted to give you a lower price.
Most spray-on car paints will adhere to polypropylene should you wish to decorate the boomerang

10.5″ SPAN 2.oz 35meters Range



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